Heather & Dave | Abbotsford Engagement

I’m not sure how common it is to meet your future husband through one of your high school teachers.. but that’s what happened to Heather. Her teacher’s brother-in-law happened to be Dave.  She teased Heather that she should date Dave, but the timing just wasn’t right yet. Fast forward a few years though and her teacher was right, they began dating. Now their engagement story is one of the sweetest I’ve heard..

Dave lives on the island and he planned the sweetest proposal while Heather was visiting from Abbotsford. He took her out to the top of Mount  Douglas in Victoria. While walking on the mountain, Heather noticed that there was a tent with candles set up around it. A little unusual of a sighting for December. Dave suggested they check it out, and Heather was a little hesitant to walk over to a random tent with candles set up ;) Nevertheless, he went over and convinced her to step inside and look. She was absolutely blown away to discover candles, a bouquet of roses, rose petals on the floor, and fun photos of them taped all over the tent. He also gave her a book he made with all their emails and messages while dating, and read that together. After, he got down pretending to tie his shoe, but pulled out a box instead and said: “that was chapter one, and for chapter two I want to ask you to be my wife.” To absolutely top it off, he had also arranged for her family to meet them there afterward to congratulate them. How thoughtful is he? I’m looking forward to their wedding this August!


Lovely work. Lots of love in these!


Oh my gosh. I want to cry reading that engagement story! What a catch this guy is! He looks absolutely adorable when he looks at her, too.

These are unbelievable Alyssa! GREAT JOB!!!

Aww! They’re so sweet, you can tell that they are so in love! Great job!

These are all lovely images. Perfect location and the light is gorgeous.

Awww….those portraits of them with the dandelions are so sweet. Love these :)

Awh – what a happy couple! <3

Also! Look at all of this green. I want to set up a tent and live there.

Great photos! Great use of lighting, tones and colours!


OMG, they look so in love, it is pure adorableness. Just real moments you captured, which is an awesome job. :-)

Absolutely gorgeous!! (both them and your shots!)

Awww… Love that story and they are so cute together.

sweet session! love the close ups of them laughing. :)

Awesome colors!


Wonderful session Alyssa, lots of great natural smiles. I really love that last photo!