Caitlyn | Abbotsford Portrait Photographer

Meet the beautiful Caitlyn I had the pleasure of photographing. She has just graduated and is looking to pursue acting and commercial modeling. We had so much fun walking and laughing through the park taking photos with the gorgeous sunset light.

Here are some favourites (which were very hard to choose with so many)!

I had fun photographing you and yours laughs Caitlyn! Enjoy the rest of your summer! :)


WOW, these are GREAT!!! these are the kind of pictures I want taken for myself :) I was tihnking about taking my pictures in Hogen Park, where were these pictures taken???

The light is so many different levels of amazing here. And this girl WORKED it for the camera! Love it.


These are gorgeous. Love your use of light and have subscribed to keep coming back and see more of your beautiful work. :)

ALL of these images are gorgeous!!! I LOVE the light… stunning!! Great job :)

Hi Alyssa! Amazing work you have here, especially the Caitlyn photos. Amazing, amazing, amazing! Would you mind telling me what lens/camera do you use?

Keep up the very good work!

PS: You are amazingly beautiful ;)

Wow, these are stunning! :) Beautiful work!

such beautiful golden light and soft, lovely backlighting. these just make me feel all warm and fuzzy. really gorgeous work!

loving the light and warmth on these images! Gorgeousness!

alyssa schroeder. oh my goodness, how GORGEOUS are these images. of course, doesn’t hurt she’s so beautiful, but that light is heavenly – i love the rim light in the flare photos :) what beautifully created images.

Aw, I just love them all!

Gorgeous! She’ll be thrilled with these, I’m sure.

Gorgeous eyes and smile and fabulous lighting as well!

I love the beautiful.. and she’s really gorgeous!