Sheena & Eric: Engagement Photos

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Beautiful and how cute are her glasses! :) LOVE

great set! I love how you handled the light in the first image!

Beautiful set. Love them all

Gorgeous. She has the most wonderful smile!

What a beautiful couple and location for this session. The red barn is awesome! Sheena is beautiful!

They are so sweet and it makes me so happy that she wore her glasses throughout the shoot! We glasses gals need to stick together! I also really like the shots against the red wall.

I really like the flow of the locations. Happy photographs <3

Pretty! Love the sunny field photos!

Really,really nice set of images, Alyssa! Those locations are gorgeous.

Lovely images, Alyssa.

LOVE the shots in the long grass particularly but the whole collection is beautiful!

Beautiful Alyssa! Love them all!!

Love the shots through the grass! Beautiful images!