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Hello! Yes, I am still alive and doing well. It’s about time I update the blog with some fresh photos. Over the next few days I’ll catch up on blogging and a little more. At times, I am a procrastinator and sometimes I need a little extra motivation (especially when it comes to blogging, though I plan to work on this!). So I hope you enjoy the images and then read what motivated me to catch up on blogging. ;)

Crystal and Clinton are a seriously sweet, fun, loving couple. It shows through the photos. We shot the majority of the session in Mission, just driving around and found some beautiful locations. Of course it helps that we had some incredible sunset golden light too! To us photographers this = backlighting heaven. I loved loved LOVED this session!

Help Haiti

Help Haiti

Something too sweet not to share about these two, is that when Clinton gives Crystal flowers, he always takes the time to hand pick them himself, he never buys them. Isn’t that too cute?

Abbotsford Engagement Photographer

Compassion International

Engagement session

I love how they both goof off and at the same time are super romantic together.

Such a beautiful evening…

Outfit change and a few more photos with the remaining light.

What are the chances the train would come by during the session? Ha! Well, we made use of it.

Here’s a little preview of their beautiful outdoor wedding in Grand Forks, BC that I’ll be posting shortly. Stay tuned!

So for those wondering, I decided to catch up on blogging, well, because it’s about time and my motivation is to Help Haiti. I saw a facebook status from Jamie Delaine  that inspired me to start helping Haiti: “Instead of buying coffee this morning–this will last longer–donate $5 (or more) to the Haiti Relief Fund.” I am not going to be preachy here. If you don’t want to give, then you shouldn’t. Ignore this. If you are interested, I support and trust the work that Compassion does in Haiti.

I will give $1 for every comment I receive and $2 for every comment stating what you have done to help Haiti even if it’s as simple as prayer. I’ll do this for the next 5 days while I catch up on blogging and donate up to $300 to Compassion’s Haiti Earthquake Response Fund. Also note, comments can be on any blog post. Thanks!


Thank you for what you are doing; I know that you are blessing those that are suffering the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. Being inspired by you and all of the other Help for Haiti bloggers, I am giving $100 to Doctors without Borders, which the kind folks at : are matching. Matching donations really helps, and consequently, I wrote my last post about where people can find people who are willing to match their donations (its being done by people other than just employers), donate to auctions, volunteer, donate airline miles and cell phones and gadgets, attend benefits, and more. So even if you can’t give very much there are ways to stretch that amount. And that is what I am trying to do. My next post will contain updates and even more places that let people get involved; and I hope to start my own donation for a link/comment challenge; but it will take a couple days for me to finish this post.
Again, thank you.

I am giving to Compassion International’s Haiti efforts by giving 10 percent of my teaching funds (I teach painting classes) and 100 percent of donations that I receive through my 21 day rice and bean challenge (more info on my blog). God bless you for giving!

I’m also donating for each comment I receive on my Help Haiti Blog Challenge post. I’ve already donated $150 to the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders and will donate $10 for each comment I receive and another $5 for each blogger that is doing their part for Haiti.

Your effort to help people in need by self-advertising is a very good deed. I hope actions follow your words. Keep up the good photography,

We are donating to Compassion and giving away a pound or two to winners on my blog.


I have donated to the relief efforts and am praying for the loss in Haiti.


Super Duper Amazing Pictures Alyssa. Like wedding magazine amazing. :)

Thanks so much for your donations! We’re doing $2 per comment over at .

Your pictures are beautiful!

H Man

Absolutely amazing photographer and a trully admirable person :)


Amazing pics as always, I think I constantly say that, do you ever get bored of hearing it? haha

Good luck with the Haiti donations, if only everyone in this world were like you, then, finally, there wouldn’t be a need for my cynical viewpoints ;)

P.S. The guy kinda looks like a guy I work with. :P


Nice job Alyssa God will surely bless you for your desire to help those people in need. Your shots are terrific best in their class. Super proud of you.

These are all so gorgeous! I’m loving the back-lighting! You can really tell they are in love.


You are an awesome person for donating to the Haiti fund.


Hiya dear!.. n__n Your photos are fulfilled of a warm touch of the purest feelings of your soul.. They have a lot of charming and love.. And thanks for the things that you’re making to help the people.. n__n.. I’m just praying, but I really hope that everything turns well for the people.. Hugs for you!

Velma Kowalchuk

awesome pictures, you really have a gift,keep using it.You’ll touch the hearts of millions.

thank you. I will be sharing heartwarming stories that bring hope and a sense of togetherness and friendship for those who are lost and/or suffering; we all can be that friend, that someone who can make a difference, if only we look a little deeper, and dare to think a little greater… in loving memory of ga


Hi Alyssa. Thanks so much for doing this. I sponsor a little girl named Kilouseky Marie through Compassion International. She is in center HA-766 there in Haiti. Still no word yet on her, but I think she lived far enough away that she should be ok. I am still saying prayers for her, as I do every night, and for all the people of Haiti and Compassion. I donated to the disaster fund this morning ($100). My timing for her birthday gift and a family gift may end up being perfect. I sent off donations for that in the beginning of November because her 8th birthday is on Monday (they say it can take a few months). Thank you again for all that you are doing.

awesome, this is so great! i’ve donated to world vision.


Thank you for doing this! I am awaiting news on my sponsored child of 13 years Love. He is a wonderful young man who loves the Lord, his family, and me very much. I am sending prayers, thoughts, and my love to him and his family and hoping to hear some news soon.

I’ve been praying for the people of Haiti. I also donated to Compassion’s disaster relief fund though EFT to reduce the funds Compassion would pay if I chose to donate by credit card. I found out about your blog from the comment you posted on Compassion’s blog. Thank you for offering to donate money as an encouragement for others to actively help those in Haiti!


We’ve been praying. We are checking into other ways of helping–donations of money, formula, etc.


Beautiful images Alyssa and what a cute couple!!! This is great that you are taking action like this! As a family we have looked over the images coming out of Haiti and cannot fathom the devastation. Our thoughts are with everyone in Haiti.

Jane Gillis

I have a child that I sponsor in Haiti through Compassion. I am praying for her and her family and I donated to the Disaster Relief Fund. I also sent a prayer request to my church with the web site for Wess Stafford’s message about Haiti.Here it is in case anyof your readers would like to check it out —


Thank you for doing this. I’ve been praying and watching as God does amazing miracles. He uses the good and the bad to bring about His purpose!

Oh Alyssa! These are so fab! What a beautiful evening for photos in Mission. Fantastic work, looking forward to those wedding pics. Muster up that motivation, girl, I wanna see more!


Hi, I donated to American Red Cross and having being praying daily! Thanks for doing this.

Absolutely beautiful photos. I love that you’re supporting Haiti. I am praying for them and the disaster relief teams.

You’re great at your craft! And thanks for helping Haiti!

My family is grateful to have brought our adopted daughter home from Haiti in September. We are supporting the efforts to help the people of Haiti by donating to

Thanks for supporting Compassion’s efforts!


I love your photos! The lighting is so beautiful, keep up the amazing work!


I really love your website! The photos are beyond beautiful. You’re my favorite photographer when it comes to engagement sessions, weddings and portraits… and pretty much any kind of photography really! ^___^

I’ve donated what I can so far. I have been praying and asking others to as well. I just wish I could be there to help in person.

Amaazing pictures *–*

Kaitlyn Grenier


Your photos are beautiful! I’m so glad I came across your work. I love it.
I saw that you were helping Haiti through Michael Dalberti’s facebook post, so I had to come by and leave you a comment. :)
Keep up the amazing work. My family and I are praying for Haiti.


Love how into it this very photogenic couple were. Often the groom looks like a reluctant participant but not in this case. Great work on your part, as always!

I’m helping Haiti by donating to Red Cross.

Donate through my sons grade one class through his daily penny drive, bottle drive and milk sales!

and I have mad mad love for these images!

Serious…. mad mad love….

These are gorgeous!

Sue Dalberti

Beautiful pictures! Thank you for helping with the Haitian relief.
We are praying for them.


These are some truly great photos. These may not mean much to someone else looking at them, but you’re giving every couple something really special and something they will look back on years on. :) You do some great work, and it’s quite like you to add in the donation. Great idea. Take care.


I texted to donate $10 to Haiti, and will be donating more as soon as I decide on a charity.

Gorgeous photos!!!

Welcome back among the living (well the writing). Missed reading your blog entries and get some inspirational material for my own photography =)

I LIKE seeing you get involved with the Haiti situation. To be honest I’d like to see you making it a bit more of a bigger deal in the blog entry, people need to understand that something needs to be done. And God willing they will be moved towards action even when disasters like this one aren’t happening and they help countries with difficulties at all times.

You can count on my prayer! Awesome initiative with the donating per comment. I will definitely use it as well! May God bless your initiative with this!

I am looking forward to seeing more from you Alyssa.


Amazing pictures Alyssa! I love them so much! What a wonderful, gorgeous couple.

I think it’s awesome that you are supporting Haiti. They are truly in need of it as I heard the death toll was in the 40-50 thousands…. truly horrible. I have prayed for them and the work that is being done there. I truly hope this incident will bring people closer to God.

Keep shooting Alyssa!