Crystal & Clinton – Grand Forks Outdoor Wedding

Two blog posts up in less than 24 hours – I think that’s a personal record! I wrote about catching up on blogging and posted this fun couple’s engagement session yesterday, maybe you have seen some of their wedding sneak peeks on my Facebook Page.

Their wedding took place in the little town of Grand Forks, BC, about a five hour drive from Abbotsford. It’s a sweet small town surrounded by beautiful wilderness. Just to give you an idea, one of the hotels in town was advertising “Colour Cable.” Nonetheless, a seriously sweet town. I do think a Starbucks would be a nice addition though. ;)

Just a quick reminder For each comment on my blog I am donating to Compassion’s Disaster Relief in Haiti. I will donate $1 for every comment and $2 for every comment stating what what you have done to help Haiti, even if it’s as simple as prayer. Thanks to all those who have already commented. I really appreciate it – please keep the comments coming! UPDATE:  Thanks to all those who commented for Haiti. We raised $194 for Haiti Earthquake Relief!

The day started early for the morning ceremony so we got to catch some golden light while getting ready – we did at the end of the day too which was AWESOME.

I find this candid of the bride’s mom beside her daughter’s wedding dress so special.

A funny fact about the ceremony is they used walkie-talkies to coordinated beforehand as there was no cell reception in the area!

Just look at the love between the mother and son. :)

This rustic barn was about ten minutes from the ceremony location. Found some shade here for photos.

Such a gorgeous wild flower bouquet (note to photographers: I typed “bokeh” first – wrong one!)

Both great looking bridal parties!

Then we had some fun shots with the car.. they posed these all themselves. I love them!!

Some emotional photos of the parents during speeches.

More photos with the car – loved the car!

We took their bride and groom portraits at the beautiful Christina Lake golf course.

Don’t have much to say here but STUNNING.

More golden light and some kissing. ;)

Then we headed back for the evening dessert reception and dances at Pines Bible Camp where Crystal and Clinton first met each other.

Father-daughter dances are def one of my favourite parts of the day to photograph – so many emotions.

I love their happiness and look at that cute lil flower girl behind them!

Remember For each comment on my blog I am donating to Compassion’s Disaster Relief in Haiti up to $300.

  • I will give $1 for every comment
  • I will give $2 for every comment stating what what you have done to help Haiti, even if it’s as simple as prayer.
  • You can directly support Compassion International too.

Thanks to all those who commented. We raised $194 for Haiti Earthquake Relief!

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Willy Triveri

Hi Clinton:

Congratulations on your wedding to your beautiful bride. Stunning photos! May your life be filled with much joy, happiness and good health.

W. Triveri

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Beautiful Work!

Your photography is so beautiful and natural!

Beautiful images!!

Gorgeous images! I love seeing a bride with flowing hair as well, so natural!


Great pictures!! And you’re a great person for doing something like helping Haiti!!! Keep it up!!! :) I’ve send sms in TV and radio marathons for Haiti!!! Hope I can contribute more….

Saw your link on one of Jamie Delaines blog posts and thought I’d check out your work – very nice stuff here! I think it is very admirable that you are donating to Haiti as well – talented and compassionate. Keep up the great work :)

I love your pictures, you’re very good. Saw you on deviantart.

Linda Szymoniak

I found the link to your site because you’re donating to Haiti relief for comments, but I would like to comment on your photos. It’s been quite a while since I got married, I have to say that the pictures taken at my wedding were very staged – and boring. I love your style, and while it’s inevitable that most of the pictures at an event like this will be posed, I like the non-traditional settings and the more casual shots. Great job!

I’ve been praying ever since I learned what happened in Haiti, but wasn’t sure how to contribute.

Now I’m ready to move on an idea had a while back. I’ve been saving all our family’s nut cans for ages. Now I have a huge box of them. I’m going to print up some labels for them saying ” We CAN Help Haiti and CHANGE the outcome!” Then my children and I will give them out to everyone we know,( keeping a list for weekly pick up).

In this economy, lots of people don’t feel they can afford to help much financially, but nearly all of us have coins that weigh down our purses and pockets, that could be doing some good for people in much more difficult circumstances than we are in, here in the U.S. There’s never been a better moment to Love Thy Neighbor!



Commenting for Haiti. Followed you back from my blog, I figure one good turn deserves another.

Beautiful, beautiful photos, BTW. ak

And BTW, you are incredibly talented. Love, love, love your work!

As you know from my blog, I am supporting the Haiti effort through prayer and monetary donations. Also, as an avid coupon queen, I am donating any money I save through the use of sales and coupons towards Compassion International’s work in Haiti.

Thanks for what YOU are doing to support Haiti and Compassion International!

Beautiful pictures, and here is what I’ve been doing:

Besides prayer, I looked for old cell phones for the PhonesForHaiti ( project. Will contibute to Doctors Without Borders this week.

Kelsey Graham

Honestly, some of the best photography i have ever seen.
I love the location, and the light, and the bride and groom were stunning.
I have a love for photography and this is so inspiring. I’d love to contact you to ask you some questions about your career!
I’d love if you could e-mail me, Thankyou so much :)

I don’t know how you found my site, but thank you for donating to help those in Haiti! You’ve read my post already, but I’ll link it here too. I’m donating $1 for every link up to my post on how you’ve helped Haiti (up to $50).

God Bless!

Wow! Your photos are simply stunning. Also, wanted you to know I support a little girl in Kenya through Compassion, so I sent a donation for Haiti through Compassion as well. God bless you!

I’m glad I found your blog (I followed your comment from the Newlyweds blog)! You have so many stunning photos! (I’m trying to improve my photography skills so perhaps break into the field, so am looking for great photographers to inspire me.) :)


My favourites are.. the couple in front of the hey bails, the father and the bride hugging tightly, the rear end of the car, under the tree, and the little girl working hard to blow pretty bubbles for them is priceless, i also like the one where their under the vale, their all extremely honest photos and show the emotion in all their hearts


Thank you for doing this to help Compassion International. We support a young boy in Indonesia through this organization. Love it.

Love your blog, this is the first time I have visited but intend to spread the news. Beautiful photos.

Beautiful pictures. I love that your also helping out those in need in Haiti. I am doing something similar on my blog.

Josh B

Fantastic shots!!! Seriously…your work is probably the best wedding stuff I have seen so far. Keep it up :) AND for Haiti, I am praying, and donated via text message $10 to Habitat for Humanity!


Beautiful Pictures, excellent work Alyssa!! Too bad you were maybe 10 years old, when I got married lol… I would have loved to have you as my wedding photographer! :)

Michelle Audette

Alyssa, you are so doing my wedding pics ;) Good job and congrats again to Crystal and Clinton…

Vanessa Bekker

you have done a stunning job on Clinton and Crystal’s wedding. absolutely gorgeous, creative photos! amazing memories are stored in these photos for them to look back on!
ps. ive been praying with all my heart for haiti. they need all the prayers they can get. thank goodness for an amazing Father!


Stunningly beautiful pictures Alyssa! Well worth the trip! I’ve been praying for Haiti too.

All of these photographs are absolutely stunning!

ok this is THE ENDLESS post. cool.

so before i forget. i like:
– the car, the girl’s look on her face haha
– OH MY! that dress is blindingly bright, awesome!
– guess they’ll never find the ring there, well done hiding it …should be worth a few grand

well done! awesome!