Bohee & Dan: Whonnock Lake Wedding

I was super excited to head back to Whonnock Lake to shoot another wedding there this summer! Bohee & Dan ended up being my first couple in four years of weddings at Whonnock with a rainy-cloudy day. I was a bit excited. I love sunny days, but I have to say what a blessing in disguise a cloudy day is there: no crowds of people on the beach area, no blinding light on the dock (the direction on a sunny day is right toward the sun = squinty eyes galore), and less fishermen to kick off the dock. ;) We were actually pretty blessed since the rain stopped in the morning and the thundershowers never showed!

Cloudy Wedding at Whonnock lake

We started the day getting ready at their parent’s homes in Langley… and you will not believe this, but they grew up down the street from one another! Crazy. I loved that they chose to do a traditional Korean ceremony as well and hope Bohee’s mom forgives me for posting the photo of the backdrop tipping. Her reaction was too cute. So glad Geoff was there with Fill in the Blank Studios – some things just need to be on video! Lastly, I adored the gold and coral details (coral has basically caught up to my teal obsession) and especially that their wedding cake had polka dots which matched the subtle ones in Bohee’s wedding dress.

Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding001 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding002 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding009 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding003 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding005 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding006 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding008 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding007 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding013 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding010 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding011 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding012 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding014 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding015 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding016 Indoor Wedding Whonnock Lake Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding018 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding019 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding020 Emotional Groom for Ceremony Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding022 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding023 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding024 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding025 Indoor Whonnock Lake Ceremony Rainy Wedding at Whonnock Lake Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding028 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding030 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding031 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding032 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding029 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding033 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding034 Bridal Party on the Dock Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding042 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding041 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding044 Coral Bridesmaid Dresses Coral Peach Rose Wedding Bouquet Rainy Cloudy Whonnock Lake Wedding Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding040 Cloudy Wedding at Whonnock lake Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding039 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding045 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding046 Bride & Groom at Whonnock Lake Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding049 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding050 Whonnock Lake Wedding Rustic Wedding Bouquet and Tacori Rings Traditional Korean Ceremony Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding060 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding061 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding062 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding064 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding059 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding066 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding052 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding053 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding055 Coral Wedding Details Polka Dot Pine Cone Wedding Cake Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding067 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding068 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding069 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding070 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding071 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding076 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding073 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding072 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding074 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding075 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding077 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding080
Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding078 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding079 Bohee-Dan-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding081

Ceremony & Reception: Whonnock Lake Centre Maple Ridge, BC // Hair & Makeup Artist: The Love Team by Coa // Florist: Unique Boutique Florals // Cake: Sherelyn’s Cake Creations // Professional Videographer: Fill in the Blank Studios


[…] We had the privilege of working with the always wondering Alyssa Schroeder (Lortie), you can see her take in photos of the day here. […]

Gail and Kerry August

Stunning photos…… You all look so beautiful. Love the outdoor aspect. Loved the candid aspect of the photos, especially the family ones.