Five Things: Baking Edition

1. I had a bit of a baking filled week with making some treats for our church young adults wrap up party that we hosted. My friend Hannah and I iced our moustache and cat sugar cookies that we baked a while back. Mat modelled the moustache.

cat moustache sugar cookies

2. Mat and I also made oreo cupcakes. I have to make it very clear he made the cupcakes and I made the icing. He is tired of me getting all the credit ;) I had my first go at making a pitcher of iced tea from loose leaf tea too. I used my favourite fruity summer tea, goji pop, from DavidsTea.

oreo cupcakes and iced tea

3. Speaking of baking together in the kitchen.. how cute are these towels from Etsy?

you wash i'll dry towel

4.  A cupcake batter dispenser is something I wish I had every time I’m filling cupcakes. Anyone have one and recommend it? I’m quite curious on how well they work!


5. Lastly, these chocolate mousse brownies are on my to-bake list. Mousse is so refreshing in the summer!