Gift Guide for the Photographer

Christmas Gift Guide for Photographers

1. Fujifilm Instax Smartphone Printer – As a fan of the Fujifilm Mini Instax cameras (I used one for my wedding guestbook), I was pretty excited to see this new device. Perfect for those who have thought about getting a Fujifilm Instax Camera but were hesitant because of the expensive film and wasted shots for blinks, duck faces, etc. This printer uses the same film as the cameras, but it connects to your phone through wifi to send the photos… so you get a chance to edit and print only your favourite shots.

2. Olloclip iPhone –  A fisheye, wide-angle and two macro lenses that are crafted into one compact device for your iPhone.

3. ONA Camera Bag – These luxurious leather camera bags are gorgeous. I’ve been using my Shootsac for almost six years and I love it for shoots, but I love the ONA line of bags as they can hold a camera with lenses and look nothing like a camera bag. I have my eye on the smaller Bowery bag. I think it would be so convenient to take along for those shopping trips in Vancouver where I also want to have my main camera along. Revolver Coffee in Gastown carries the Bowery line of ONA bags. You can also find them at one of my favourites: The Camera Store in Calgary.

4. Cat Photo Clips – These cat clips would be cute to hang small prints or polaroids.

5. Camera Cookie Cutters – For those enjoy baking and photography.

6. Kenko Extension Tubes – These are wonderful for macro photography and a fraction of the cost of a macro lens (without sacrificing quality). You have three magnifications to choose from. I frequently use them to photograph rings at weddings. I plan to write a detailed post on them in the future.

7. Mommy’s Assistant Onesie – I love this Etsy shop targeted to photographers. They have a Daddy’s Assistant onesie and Oh Snap onesie is adorable too. I’m sharing this for my photographer mom friends, this is NOT a hint!

8. Fine Art Wedding Photography – Jose Villa is one of my favourite photographers. I’d call this book a classic for wedding photography filled with his gorgeous photos and valuable advice.

9. MacBook Pro Cover – This is one of the cleanest MacBook covers I have come across and they are available in a variety of colours. Of course I favour one colour above the others.

10. Vello Shutterboss Wireless Remote (Canon) – This quality wireless remote has worked wonderfully for me. It has the ability to focus and refocus if you press the shutter button halfway down, so you can move around in addition to the timer mode (I don’t believe all wireless remotes have this feature.. I spent hours researching before I made this purchase). I’ve had mine a couple of years and Mat and I used it to take some of our own summer engagement photos. It’s handy for self portraits too and of course landscapes with extended shutters where you don’t want to be touching your camera’s shutter button.

11. Editing Day Mug – I absolutely relate to this mug. On a wedding editing day, I sit down and pretty much don’t eat until I’m finished my work for the day!

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