Trash the Dress | Surrey Historic Stewart Farm

Last week, I had the pleasure of shooting a Trash the Dress shoot at the Historic Stewart Farm in Surrey.  We had about ten photographers and a group of models; they braved the lightly snowing,-2c weather in their dresses. Super kind thanks to Cecilia Flaming, a photographer friend of mine who so kindly organized the shoot for us. It was so inspiring (a little funny too) to look around the farm and see photographers and models just scattered everywhere!

Now let me introduce you to Elya, a talented makeup artist in White Rock.  She is way too beautiful to always be behind the cameras, getting everyone else ready for photos. I’m so glad I got to photograph you, Elya. And thank you for borrowing me your gloves so I could feel the shutter button on my camera ;)

undefinedundefinedSee the snow in the photo above?

I LOVED the country wooden sheds and barns. undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedNow this is Lindsay, the next dress model I photographed. She wore her gorgeous wedding dress (loved the flower details on the sides) and wait till you see her boots ;)  I just had a little time with her as she had already been out in the cold for over an hour. There were about five other photographers taking photos beside me for these too. Celebrity paparazzi for Lindsay, but she was awesome! :DundefinedundefinedLaughing photos are always my favourite :)undefined

And I bet you were expecting cowboy boots ;)



[…] high-tech photo bloggers, attracted to the unique rustic scenery and natural wildlife. The talented photographer Alyssa Schroeder accompanied about 10 other photographers to a “Trash the Dress” photo shoot: “It was so […]

What a great fun set of pictures – I love them!

Great shots! I love the black dress ones, very nice!

Wonderful work, the lighting is incredible- totally worth the cold haha!

Hehe… love her rubber boots! Lovely portraits :)

Excellent beautiful portraits, Alyssa! Nice job.

I just love a bride in rain boots. What a killer session!

What beautiful portraits – just stunning!

Gorgeous! They both look so natural in front of the camera…which means you did a really good job!


Looks like a really fun shoot! Lovely images, well done.

Looks like such a fun shoot! Gorgeous models with some beautiful dressed and some fantastic lighting. Looks like everyone had a good time!

What a fun shoot! I love first close-up portrait of Elya and the one of Lindsay laughing in the tree.

Love your photos Alyssa!!!
They are gorgeous! :)

Gorgeous shots and a cool location

I love rainboots and wedding gowns. I don’t know why :) Great photographs!

Wellies! So cute! I love both sets of portraits,my favorite is the one of Elya sitting in the tree. Beautiful work!

Lighting is so wonderful! Great job.

Beautiful job. I really love Elya’s hair. And the venue looks amazing!!!

What an amazing location for a photo shoot, love it! Can’t go wrong with cute wellies and a wedding dress either if you ask me. :)

So lovely!! Huge fan of spontaneous laughter in photographs!

:) These are so cute! And mondo props to everyone for sticking out the cold! (So worth it!)