Devon & Darin: Whonnock Lake Wedding

I’m so excited to share Devon and Darin’s wedding at Whonnock Lake from last weekend. The day started off at bed and breakfast home in Maple Ridge on a beautiful country property with an old barn that I loved using for some photos. As soon as Devon told me about her wedding, I knew we shared very similar tastes, she really outdid herself on the details. Darin’s reaction during their first look… well, I’m not even going to describe it. I will never forget it and how filled with tears he was before Devon was even there. I was really touched!

BC Forest Wedding Photos

You won’t see any cameras in front of the guests faces for the ceremony as they held an “unplugged ceremony” so their guests could be present with them in the moment and focus on the emotions of the ceremony. I love this and highly encourage it – I did it at my own wedding as well. It is so nice to see proud, smiling faces of your loved ones in your photos rather than an bunch of chunky SLRs, iPhones or you never know.. iPads ;)

When Devon brought out here ukulele to sing her wedding vows to Darin, no tears could be held back. I’m so honoured to have photographed your wedding day – thank you both so much!

Wedding dress on a Maple Ridge barn Pink Bridesmaid Lace Dresses Grey Lace Wedding Flats Vintage Floral Lace Garter Cintia Reeves Langley Makeup Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding009 Bride getting into dress Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding007 Bug in the wedding dress Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding011 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding012 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding013 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding015 Beautiful bride with tattoos Wedding You're Here Sign White Vintage Limo Vancouver Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding019 Crying Groom First Look Whonnock Lake First Look Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding022 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding023 Emotional First Look at Whonnock Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding025 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding026 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding028 Happy Groom First Look Bowtie Groomsmen Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding031 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding032 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding034 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding029 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding037 Bridesmaids at the lake Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding036 Bridal Party on Dock Bride and Groom in forest Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding060 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding061 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding062 Cute Ringbearers Suspenders Whonnock Lake July Ceremony Hanging mason jars wedding Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding043 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding044 punch lemonade bar wedding Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding046 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding047 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding048 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding049 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding050 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding051 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding052 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding054 Ukulele for Wedding Vows Singing wedding vows Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding058 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding057 Whonnock Lake Vintage Reception Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding070 Rustic Placeholders Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding074 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding072 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding073 Pink Bunting Candy bar Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding076 macarons candy bar Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding078 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding080 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding081 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding083 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding084 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding085 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding087 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding086 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding082 Memphis Blues Catering Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding040 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding065 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding066 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding064 Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding067 Bride and Groom Forest Sunset Sunset at Whonnock Lake Cupcake Tower by Clever Cupcakes Cupcakes with kraft tags Bunting Cake Topper Devon-Darin-Whonnock-Lake-Wedding092

Ceremony & Reception: Whonnock Lake Centre Maple Ridge, BC // Hair & Makeup Artist: Cintia Reeves // Catering: Memphis Blues BBQ // Cupcakes: Clever Cupcakes // Limousine: Vintage Limousines Ltd. // DJ: DJ Mary Mac


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Oh gosh, soooo pretty! Love the whole thing & the first look is ace!

Gorgeous! I really love this venue!

Geeez. This is great work. You have forever captured the emotions of the day for this lucky couple.

Stunning! beautiful colours and atmosphere.

You’ve done a brilliant job capturing this wedding. I love the constant style in the framing and editing. Great job.

So beautiful…and she played for him…gah!! I love it!

Amazing! Their first look was great with all the groom’s emotion. And love that the bride played the uke at her wedding.

Fran Jackson

Thanks for sharing your friends wedding album. What a beautiful day at the lake reminded me of yours. The lucky couple looked overjoyed and very happy nice to see a grown man cry and a beautiful Bride get her best day ever. Wonderful happiness always to you all. Great photos to keep for a lifetime.

Love that shot on the dock!

I love this whole wedding. Seriously gorgeous photos.

Wow, such a great first look. I love how you captured the emotions!!

Loving the portraits in the woods especially!


That is such a great first look! :)

Love this wedding. And Devon looks so stunning! Beautifully captured day.

Oh my gosh, your bridals! Seriously gorgeous!