Cans for Comments | Giving to the Abbotsford Food Bank

This December I am excited to be participating in “Cans for Comments” (props to photographers Chris+Lynn for coming up with the idea!). What is this? Here’s how it works! For every blog comment on ANY post, I will donate 2 cans or items of non-perishable food to the Abbotsford Food Bank for the entire month of December. At the end of the month, I will go shopping and take a photo of all the food we have collected!

Feel free to share this around and comment as often as you like!

Since every post needs a photo, I got Dash, our mini family pet to participate in a little Christmas shoot. He was more cooperative than my cat ;)


[…] the month during my CANS FOR COMMENTS, you commented 27 times raising 54 food items for the Abbotsford Food Bank. I just dropped off the […]

Justine Russo

Such adorable photos! I love the one in the car! So romantic!
I am doing cans for comments too and also donating to the Abbotsford Food Bank! Yay!

Love your pictures! :D

The more the merrier! :) I’m participating as well this year up until Dec 12.

@Arlen, I setup my site myself with a self-hosted wordpress blog and a ProPhoto customizable template.

Cute pic!!! :) Happy holidays!


Who did your website step up?


Way to go Alyssa, this is awesome! And I must say, Dash is just a fantastic model xo


That’s a really awesome idea, and a great way to give back!

What a splendid idea! Hopefully you’ve got deep pockets because I plan on checking out every post!

Thank you all for the comments so far! Awesome to hear some of you are also participating. Off to comment on your blogs now :)

@Helene Oh dear, haha. One comment per person on each blog post :) Thanks for your first comment ;)

awesome! here is my first can! hope you have a great holiday season

:) I’m totally gonna do this too! Just gotta find a picture & blog about it! Such a good idea.

awesome! we’re participating too. cute photo!



Is it one comment per person?? cause i could copy paste copy paste and make u broke lol

Awesome! +2 from me!

Great, Alyssa! I hope you get lots!