Stephanie & Landon | Chilliwack Engagement Session

A few days ago I photographed Stephanie & Landon’s engagement session! We were so happy to finally have a day with some sun. (Yes, I try to always schedule to have sun which takes patience in the rainy Fraser Valley). They both love the outdoors and country like me. Landon actually asked Stephanie to date him under the stars after a day of biking and shooting. How fun and sweet is that?! I loved that Landon also brought his awesome motorcycle for photos.

undefinedWe started off at the Cheam Lake Wetlands in Chilliwack. undefinedundefined

As the sun started to set and peak behind the clouds, we chased it to a country field. It almost looks like we changed seasons here to summer. undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined

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I can’t wait to photograph your wedding in five days! :)



[…] A funny thing I learned about Stephanie & Landon on their wedding day.. Believe it or not, they lived their whole lives just a block away from each other and just met a couple years ago. So crazy. Their wedding was out in Chilliwack. We are SO blessed it did not rain (70% chance of showers in Chilliwack is kinda doom ha). Loved the country area there with mountains. Not too far from where we did their country motorcycle engagement session. […]

I love the pictures of the two of them on the bike!

WOW! What gorgeous colors! Absolutely beautiful and stunning!!

Such a fun session – really seems to suit them well!

Oh my goodness I love the motorcycle shots! What a killer idea for an engagement session. Beautiful photos :)

WOW< so crisp and vivid! Lovely location too, put to excellent use. Well done!

Wow, great photos! I love that it shows their character and love of outside/motorbiking! Looking forward to seeing your photos from their wedding!

I love the whole set. He totally looks like a guy that should be living in the mountains and driving a motorcycle. LOL.

You are making me so jealous… I want mountains! I’m in flat Texas…. Anyway, this is such an adorable couple and I can feel their energy coming off in these photos. Really great job :)

Great photos! Wish I had more couples with bikes! Love the last one! wow

these are beautiful! the colors and scenery are amazing! the bike is just the icing on the cake.

love them! great job! :)

Thanks so much everyone! :)

Jason Mertke

Those are amazing pictures Babe :)

Seriously awesome! Love the shots in the field (so fresh and lovely) and the shots with the motorcycle are just fantastic!

Nicely done – love those mountains in the background!

i dig the ones of them with the bike, especially the b&w of them sitting in front of the bike. great stuff!

Love the piggy-back ones and all the ones with the bike… Mr. seemed like he was enjoying those.

Oh these are gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous!

Oh these are awesome! I just love the scenery you have there!

This is so beautiful! Gorgeous light and color and such a natural connection with the couple.

Beautiful location. The location seems to match that couple perfectly!

Wow! How fun is it to say the word “Chilliwack”! I like it! Great set. The light on the motorcycle shots is awesome. Love that kiss of warm light. Not too much, just a kiss. Love it. Great job. Great location, too.

Great great location and I love the bike and leather jacket theme!! very smart.

wow. alyssa you are ridiculous. you continuously blow me away!!

Your posts are always so beautiful! This one is no exception!

unreal photography, alyssa. it’s like a different world out there in the valley – i envy you that. these look like a million bucks! you knocked it out of the park!

oh my gee. these are adorable. and those mountains! breathtaking!

Oh these are so absolutely adorable! You rocked this session!