Caylee & Mike | White Rock Engagement

We got exactly what we wanted, a beautiful evening at White Rock for their engagement session. I’m lovin’ this summer roll of sunny weather! It was the weekend and completely packed, but we worked around it! White Rock is kinda a cool place as I shot my very first engagement session there over 3 years ago when Bryan Schmuland invited me to shoot along with him. Anyway, here we are with one super cute couple! :)

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[…] my new 135mm f/2. I love it for ceremonies and the bokeh is so pretty :)A busy evening at the pier Caylee & Mikes White Rock engagement. It took a little extra patience, but you can’t tell in the photos :)Here we are at […]

Such amazing lighting! Love it!

So candid and natural. LOVE this post!

Love that shot of them sitting on the pier with their backs to you. The strip of light going across their back is fantastic. Great job spotting it!

That late afternoon light is stunning. Lovely, warm, heartfelt images.

Nice color tone!

Gorgeous photos and I love the tones and textures of the wharf against them both, it works really beautifully :)

Lovely work Alyssa! They are a gorgeous couple and your work in this golden light captures them perfectly!

These are gorgeous. Love the ones under the pier!

Oh I just ADORE these two…what a couple hotties!! Nicely done.

These are GORGEOUS! Great job!

Beautiful session, the couple is gorgeous! I love the one of them with moon in the background.

Jason Mertke

Such a nice engagement shoot :) The lighting looks so good. They look so happy together

really nice, sweet couple

Oh my goodness!! These are incredible, I absolutely love so many of them! The ones under the dock/pier are my favorite, but the rest s are stunning as well. The couple must be thrilled with them <3 It's definitely one of my favorite engagement shoots from you (although it's hard to play favorites! The locations are all so photogenic and with such great texture, and the lighting is as always gorgeous!