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As I was organizing last year’s photos on hard drives I came across a bunch of behind the scenes photos. I thought it would be fun to switch things up and give you a peek at some behind-the-scenes photos from some past weddings and engagements.

Now here is the real reason I try to schedule everything at sunset. To look more tanned. Erm.. I mean a couple darker shades of white.

Shooting Wendy & Jon’s engagement session. Some intense ceremony concentration. Also the first time shooting with my new 135mm f/2. I love it for ceremonies and the bokeh is so pretty :)A busy evening at the pier Caylee & Mikes White Rock engagement. It took a little extra patience, but you can’t tell in the photos :) Shooting at Whonnock Lake in Maple Ridge. Here is me succeeding at leaning back and not falling off the dock. Phew..Shooting Jami & Nick’s Saar Bank Farm wedding. A quick self portrait while waiting for everyone to arrive. Yes, my camera is like 2x the size of my face (why I’d never want to shoot with grip).I love my Shootsac, but I often just throw it on one shoulder (and backwards apparently hah) I put it down too often.At Saar Bank farm again. Seriously, I wish I lived here. That’s Bora on the left from Wisecat Studios doing their Love Story Film. We re-scheduled a couple times for this light. SO worth it. Here I am taking this photo.



Sunset pictures do look amazing, specially around fall time. Great post..

That’s the coolest collection of behind the scenes photos ever! Love it.

Awesome set. It always cracks me up seeing some of the sntaces we use to get a shot :)

You look so cute! I refuse to have photos taken of me while photographing a wedding because I feel and look like death lol. But these are awesome! (rethinking it now ;))

I love behind the scene pictures. So cute! And you look adorable in them all.

This is such a cute idea!! And you seem like such a cute fun girl! Thanks for sharing!:)

these are AWESOME!!!

What a great post! Looks like you were having a lot of fun all while doing your job!

#1 fan (I think that's how I wrote it before =P)

Looks great! I miss you! You look very professional, so glad your business is coming along so great! You’re awesome! <3