Jami & Nick | Abbotsford Saar Bank Farm Engagement

I had the absolute delight of photographing Jami and Nick’s engagement session at the Saar Bank Farm in Abbotsford. This is also their wedding venue! I’d been looking forward to their session for almost a whole year since last September when we met at Starbucks. I knew she was a bride after my own heart, when she told me she looked up the sunset times when scheduling her wedding. It was such a fun evening, they had me shooting with their videographer, Bora Yenal of Wise Cat Studios filming. Jami and Nick are an amazing couple. They’ve been together since early highschool and just celebrated their 10th year anniversary! They are too sweet and perfect together. I couldn’t stop smiling while editing their photos. I’m so excited to see you two tie the knot next month! :)

(Thanks for the great wide shot on the left, Bora!)



[…] wedding. They got married at the amazing Saar Bank Farm, in Abbotsford. You may have seen their engagement session we also photographed at their venue.  Jami totally outdid herself with all the details. When I […]

[…] Jami & Nick’s wedding tomorrow. I cannot wait! Also, with such perfect timing, their engagement session is featured on Weddings in BC today. View the post […]

These are gorgeous!! The lighting is so incredible throughout- and I love how comfortable the couple is. Awesome work!

awesome. great session!

Um, are they very cute or is it just me. Because I’m pretty sure they are ridiculously cute. I love this venue–such an awesome match for a beautiful and fun couple! Usually I pick favorites but I love too many of these to choose. :)

SUCH an AMAZING session!!! I LOVE Saar Bank! The lighting is gorgeous, the posing is awesome! LOVE IT all so much! :)

These are uber romantic! The set of them sitting in the road is my favorite. SO many good ones though. Great job.

The control of light on these is really fantastic! And the large vertical is absolutely breathtaking!

beautiful. i love the creativity of setting up the picnic in the barn, and i really love the photo with them standing under the tree and the sun shining through. gorgeous.

Absolutely stunning ! What a great looking couple and a fantastic location. The first shots in the barn had me sold, and then it gets even better, great shots ! Looking forward to the wedding photos.

these are fab!!!

Jason Mertke

Such amazing pictures :) I like the ones where they were they were making whistling sounds with the leaves. Looks like they were having so much fun too :)

What an incredible location. You have created some incredible beautiful memories for this couple. Gorgeous.

you have good reason for this set to be your fave! love that epic shot with the tree!

Thanks Ashley! the road was pretty dead. We only had to move a few times for the occasional car :)

What an absolutely cute couple! Love the ones in the barn interior.

Wow beautiful couple and images

What a gorgeous session!

These are adorable! So glad to finally see them! I absolutely love the ones of them playing and laughing in the grass. They are so sweet! I love the ones of them sitting on the road too, but not sure I would have the guts to utilize the road in such a way! Great locations and everything is just so scenic!