Abbotsford Wedding Photographer

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“She did everything we were hoping for and more. I loved the personal touches she added along the way to make us feel special and appreciated.”

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Collections include hundreds of edited images and begin at $3000.

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1Wendy and Jon

“We LOVE our photos! Your photos are stunning, and we feel that you captured everything so beautifully, including the unexpected, funny moments, and facial expressions that words cannot document. We love remembering our wedding day, and sharing the photos with others. Family who weren’t there really get a feel for what it was like, and it’s so great to be able to share with them all those precious moments!

I loved that you really entered into the day with us. It felt like you were part of the celebration, and there to do more than just take “pretty pictures.” You captured the feel of the wedding in addition to the events.

We felt comfortable to be ourselves. Things felt light and easy-going. Our wedding day was such a fun and exciting day, and having your photos to remember it by is something we couldn’t put a price on. Highly recommended to all!”

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2Heather & David

“I was so excited to find a photographer who could capture the true colour and sincere emotions in pictures. I wanted quality photos, but I also wanted to have lots of them! Alyssa was able to give us amazing, clear and bright pictures that captured light in ways I could have never imagined. In both our engagement session and for our wedding selection, our pictures varied in setting, lighting and colour.

I would recommend Alyssa to anyone! If you want to invest in beautiful and true pictures that will capture real moments, Alyssa Schroeder will do just that. Thank you, Alyssa!”


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7Serena & Daniel

“Alyssa is such a sweet girl and did an outstanding job on our wedding photo’s. I couldn’t be more pleased. Throughout the entire process I was impressed at how professional she was and easy to be around. She did everything we were hoping for and more. I loved the personal touches she added along the way to make us feel special and appreciated. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a wedding photographer. She took some amazingly artistic shots of the wedding and was also able to capture all the special moments as well. I never felt awkward posing and she was always able to get great shots of all of us just being ourselves. All in all the entire experience was fun and comfortable. Thanks Alyssa!”


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“Alyssa, Tyler and I are so happy with the photos you took. Beautiful pictures, beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you so much!!”


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5Crystal & Clinton

“Alyssa!!! Haha, we are so happy! You are nothing short of amazing! Thank you so much! Sooooooooooooooooooooo much :)”


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6Natasha & Grant

“All we have to say is wow! wow! wow! wow! Just what we wanted :) You have done such an amazing job! Thank you so much! We really could not have asked for a better photographer for our special day. You rock!”


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2Jami & Nick

“Oh my goodness!!! We just finished looking at the photos! You are the most beautiful, talented woman. We are so grateful to have you in our lives. Stunning work. I can’t even process it!!”


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